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The Rules for site listing are quite simple. All they mean: "No cheat". Exactly:

   For all sites:

  • No illegal porn (CP, Zoo, Rape), No illegal content.
  • No consoles.
  • No dialers ever.
  • No banner farms.
  • No viruses in any their modifycations (Autobookmarks, Autohomepages, etc).
  • Do not spam my database by submissions. Two-Three sites per day will be enough.

   For free sites:

  • No Java scripts (excluding counters' code).
  • Please, use good servers. If my bot will find your server down 5 or more times, your sites will be removed from list.
  • Do NOT remove link-back to me after submission! I have a bot. It surfs on submitted sites and checks their status. It is very inteligent and makes his own decisions about "cheaters".
  • Do not submit single gallery. This is not a TGP. This is Links to real sites
  • I will possibly reject Dynamic Web Pages (PHP,CGI, etc). Too many cheaters have them. But you can always explain me why do you need dynamic pages and the problem can be resolved.
  • Reciprocal link is Required. (See bellow the rules for reciprocal links).
  • Thumbnail size must be not more than 7-9 Kbytes for fast page load. Thumbnail must looks good and have a biggest side size not less than 100 pixels. This is the default rule for the most number Link Lists.
  • Free site must contain minimum 20 pictures (OR minimum 10 movies) in at least 2 galleries. This is the default rule for the most number Link Lists.
  • NO missleading links, i.e. thumbnail linked to sponsor.
  • I accept "onmouseover" JS code to hide referral links. But it should hide only referal code - not the destination.
  • Minimum is 20 pictures or 10 movies. 2 galleries is minimum.
  • Maximum is 4 galleries, 60 pics and 20 movies. I don't have idea why some people submit more than 60 pics within one free site ....
  • FPA is accepted after content.
  • No hidden text.

   For Link Lists:

  • I am interested in a good links trade. Please contact me by PM at Adult Webmaster Message Board or by ICQ#101306875. If your linklist is rather smaller then my one, you can submit it with type "LINKS" to any category you like.

   In a case of violating these rules your site, email and IP will be instantly banned by me and other similar sites!

   Rules for RECIPROCAL link:

  • PAY site owners: I can add your sites to my linklist with my ref codes if you have an affiliate program and can give me good text descriptions for your paysites. Please contact me by PM at Adult Webmaster Message Board or by ICQ#101306875.
  • Place the reciprocal link to my site on your Warning page:
nude in public
Public Nudity Sites

  • Do NOT hotlink this image. However it will not be displayed. Right click on it and save on your hard drive, then upload to your host and use from your location.
  • Link this image to http://www.flashinglinks.com/.
  • Place it to Directory Index (index.htm, index.html) - NOT to index001.htm and so on.
  • If this image corrupts the design of your site, feel free to invent other recipocal link. BUT it should looks good. If it will not ... i think you know what else ;)
  • The page with my recipocal link and without any other recipocal links will be rejected.
  • Submit the page (next step) where this link is located.
  • Have a question? Welcome: Adult Webmaster Message Board or ICQ#101306875.

    Do you agree with the rules? Did you placed the recipocal link? If your answers are "Yes", "Yes", than go!

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